english sports car during a dog walk

I spotted this babe while walking the dogs today: a nearly pristine MG. Those British roadsters had a tendency to ride behind tow trucks as much as they ran under their own power, but when they ran, they were FUN!

  • MG
  • Triumph
  • Austin Healey

Those above were some faves. They were temperamental cars that always smelled of leaking fuel, rotting interiors from leaky tops, and the wiring was a mystery to behold, but they were objects of love, once in awhile. I never had the desire to have a Fiat, or heaven forbid, a Datsun. :p

Jaguar, Mercedes, and Porsche, those were too high-falutin'. 😆


3 responses to “english sports car during a dog walk

  1. Wouldn't mind having that myself. By the way, I did have a Datsun Cherry once. 😆

  2. I just missed getting a photo of a red MG convertible in the traffic this morning.

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